The Platinum Package is FREE if you join our Local Mechanics Partnership Program. The way our partnership program works is that we are connected with an online website called which receives tens of thousands of visitors regularly on a weekly basis.

This website has every vehicle listed on it, and with over 100,000 pages of vehicle parts and other associated content which relates to cars, vans, trucks gives you a superb opportunity to have your Mechanical Business connected with your PERFECTLY TARGETED audience.

No other company can provide your business with such precision in advertising today.

Just GOOGLE Vehicle Accessories and you will see it holds the 1st Position on Google.

To be a part of this valuable advertising platform you just need to agree to be our dedicated installer and or partner and we will pass on any direct enquiries for work as we receive it from customers and car yards in your area. You would also need to agree to accept deliveries of stock and pickup location for clients on an occasional basis. Off course you will be well paid for your work according to an agreed hourly rate and we in fact become your powerful advertising network for FREE. This alone is worth a lot when you compare other forms of advertising. We can even provide your business with a free software platform to make receiving and tracking of leads much easier. For further clarification and current partners information, please contact Tony on 0400 807 667.

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